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 With your divorce, your marriage may be over, but the rest  of your life is still ahead.  Working with us can increase your chances  of reaching a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial  needs, securing your financial future.  Let the attorneys do the legal  stuff, we do the numbers. Let us send you a Client Care Kit now before  you make any financial decisions. 

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst



We can help you to understand:

 - Personal vs. marital property

 - Valuing and dividing property

 - Retirements and pensions

 - Spousal and child support

 - Tax problems and solutions

 - Which settlements to choose

 - Qualified Domestic Relations   Orders "QDRO'S"



Since 1999, I've been helping business and individuals safeguard their assets and plan for the retirement they want. When I'm not working, I enjoy sailing, cooking, and playing with my 2 dogs. Divorce financial planners can explain  financial options, help set priorities and lead clients through the hard  choices ahead.  Ideally, divorce financial planning takes place at the  start of the process when individuals first choose to go their separate  ways.  Financial planning increases the accuracy of financial  information so that both parties achieve workable settlements quicker  and accept realistic lifestyle changes when necessary.  Settlements  achieved with the help of a financial planner are less prone to problem  or error.We specialize in preparing, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDRO'S”),  Military Retirement Orders, Domestic Relations Orders as well as any  other Order or Document required to divide yours or your spouse’s  retirement as part of a divorce. 

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